William K. Hartmann


William K. Hartmann

Pastel de @rsk8sp rifado!


In honor of today’s Star Wars casting news… check out these casting announcements for the original film back in 1976!

Some highlights: 

• Some reports had Luke’s last name as Starkiller (as he was originally referred to in the George Lucas script)

• Alec Guinness’s part was dubbed the “top role.”

• A description of Darth Vader as a “huge masked villain.”

• And a great full-page ad from Steven Spielberg to George Lucas congratulating him on Star Wars beating Jaws’ box office record.

(all of these are part of our Academy Collection)


(Source: 4licia)


Hubble Legacy Archive images processed by Roberto Colombari

Image Source: HLA

In order of appearance: NGC1300, NGC4911, NGC4522, NGC3314, NGC4038

(Source: afro-dominicano)

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